About Lawrence Henesey

I am an Asst. Professor in the area of Applied Artificial Intelligence since 2000 working in Sweden. I possess 30+ years of “hands-on experience” in commercial and operational aspects in international maritime transportation and logistics industries. Expertise in shipping, container terminal operations, sales (project and product), business development, analysis, simulation, development of expert systems and knowledge of IT services and technologies. Have developed several innovations implemented globally for top terminal operators. Driven to find solutions in which my knowledge and skills are put to the test.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science – Simulation, Terminal Operations, Shipping Business, Logistics, Business Intelligence, Econometrics, Forecasting, Business Strategy planning.

Concurrently with my industrial experience and work, my research area is on the application of techniques from Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Container Terminals, Logistics and Transport, which has culminated into 100+ published articles and two books.


Dr. Henesey has been employed as a senior researcher since 2000 at the Bleking Institute of Technology, Sweden, and focuses his work on the applications of technologies in Distributed Artificial Intelligence (Multi-Agents and ML) for improved performances in logistics systems, such as Container Ports and Terminals, which has culminated into 100+ published articles and two books.  Dr. Henesey has participated in 15 International, European Union, and National research projects as a Principal Investigator (PI), such as Connect2SmallPorts, SECMAR, GoLNG, etc. In addition to lecturing at several US and European Universities, Dr. Henesey possesses 29 years of industrial work experience employed with companies, such as: Marcura, Evergreen, Sea Land, TTS Port Equipment, Conductix-Wampfler AG, Vahle GmbH, SIMPORT AB, ISL-Applications GmbH, DPWorld, and now with FluidAI.   He has lived in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Sweden, and Dubai.

Dr. Henesey assists in the development of solutions for optimising operations, improving energy and data transmission needs in ports and container terminals globally by using simulation tools and techniques from computer science. Dr. Henesey has worked with major organisations, such as APMT, PSA, Hutchison Port Holdings, DPWorld, and other global terminal operators on employing AI, automation and electrification technologies, such as AGVs, ASCs, Automated cranes, RTGs, RMGs, TOS- Terminal Operating Systems, PCS – Port Community System, Digital-Twin, and Gate-OCR systems. In addition, Dr. Henesey has worked with over 210+ organisations and governments around the globe, such as Angola, World Bank, Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Egypt, Peru, Suriname, Colombia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Philipines, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Mozambique, UK, US MARAD, the State of Florida, UNCTAD, etc. on various maritime related projects.

Degrees and memberships

Dr. Henesey earned his PhD in Computer Science from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. Additional degrees: MSc (Cum-Laude) in Transport and Maritime Management from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and degrees from Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA.

Member of the following organisations: Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS), Transportation Research Board committees on Automation and port digitalization, and Association of Computer Machinery (ACM), International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME), member of the National Academy of Sciences – Transportation Research Board (TRB).